Friday, April 1, 2011

we carry aspects

we carry aspects
of semblance
you and i

beyond brittle armor
& frailty of heart?

almondine eyes
for instance
our handle

today, i am echo
but you've always known
my name

yes, my peppermint cloud
you are in every breath i take

now, imagine love
as i have for eons

shudder and flail
as pennant in its windstorm?

i swear, my timeless shroud
its downpour is imminent

as foreseen ...


orfeenix said...

affinities between beings are indefinables,half lovers, half friends, differents and similars..
You succeed in defining it at last!

Elisabeth said...

Fantastic image and verse, Nox, thoroughly haunting. I feel fractured at the thought.

Noxalio said...

yes, orfeenix, it's essentially what this was about ... you've got it!! but, i'm affraid, in the end, such definitions are transitory ... they shift as sand in the desert does ... no?

Noxalio said...

Elisabeth, "fractured" is the perfect word for the underlying sentiment ... yes, perfect ...

Anonymous said...

the opening 2 stanzas floored me, then the rest ...

i'm wordless in the beauty/agony of this .. not to mention the uplift of pennants in storms, the wonderful ambiguity of "my timeless shroud"

not much to respond to in this comment so don't worry if you can't .. it's a grrrl-who-loves- metaphysical-poetry thing,

and i don't care if academics pounce for my use of that term but there's such alchemy and magic in your imagery that i believe you're as metaphys as Donne

*bleh .. rambling ... *sigh

Noxalio said...

oh Shell, you're making me blush ... (me as Donne? really? no, not by a 1000 miles ... he's one of my all time poet heroes as you might know and a GREAT one at that, eh?) ... but, metaphys - yes!!