Sunday, April 17, 2011

once upon a time

once upon a time
i feared
i'd forget who you were

for i knew time
had designs to rob

from memory
recall of exactness
of tone of voice

the subtle hues & shades
surrounding irises
i so adored

the precise station
of dimples
on your face

which came alive
under a smile
even if so scanty

you always had
a penchant for hiding

behind veils
and glass
which made close regard

that much
more of a needle
my love

for that
i've carried your laughter
voice in a box

on constant playback
emblazoned your likeness
onto my retinas

your fire brands
wide with glee

and lowered glance
if embarrassed
ever so slightly

and for safe measure
i engraved your name
onto my arms

but to be blunt
none of these acts
have sufficed

to thwart ravages
of illusory
lifespan apart

my ghostly imp
its high jinks have had
the upper hand

i'm scared
you are fading
in me.


orfeenix said...

Splendid, the word is perfect.You can't express better the strongness of the past, you can' t remember feelings, in their fragility, with such a truth.Something in our veins killing us a little if it begins to dispair.

Wine and Words said...

Doesn't seem possible with such deep adoration. But I suppose things are sharpest when right before us. I understand the fear, but knowing you, I think the memories very safe in your keeping.

Noxalio said...

Isabelle .... is memory mostly truth or fiction? ... i'm not convinced it is purely binary, eh? ... one day it tells us one thing and the next possibly the very opposite ... i suppose, this is what despair feeds upon (is the correct word "delusion"? ha ha) ... the total ambiguity which arises as "time" stretches what "was" into "what we wished it to have been" ... or something similar to that ... hmmm, i don't know (and i suspect i never will) ...

(you know, you can comment in French, i do read it even if i find it hard to respond, as my written French has become less than of an adolescent's - hee hee)

thank you for your comment, as always, i love your enthusiasm and choice of words!!

Noxalio said...

ah Annie ... you give me way too much credit ... i find that i'm master at altering the past in my mind and really do despair when i can't recall what "really" was and instead of what i've subliminally chosen to substitute that which i wished to be ... still, there are grains of truth there (little particles that glow in the sand - somewhat impossible to pick-out individually as on the beach, when the sand is wet like my brain gets sometimes - ha ha) ...

it's good to hear from you Annie, i hope all on the mend over there ... i do ...