Monday, April 25, 2011

my aria

my aria
let me be antiphon
for our song

you, diapason
but clear and strong

our intricate melody
in polyglot form

i will be heartbeat
in rhythm and concord

my prima donna

each coda
our promise to return
with every movement
a story
to unfurl

even though
at the end
is curtain
to our embrace
it is never sayonara
but parole
for à bientôt

till our next
dress rehearsal.


orfeenix said...

Quel magnifique concerto! Beaucoup plus d' accords majeurs que de mineurs! Je suis sûre que tu interprètes ta vie avec le même brio que les symphonies de tes mots! Wouaouh! Quelle programme!

Wine and Words said...

So much music and arts wrapped in this one. Damn shame our school systems keep dumping these outlets for the sake of budget. A beautiful poem Noxy!

AM said...

wonderful. from beginning to end.