Thursday, April 14, 2011

let certainties turn

let certainties turn
murky today:

walls, defuse

while roof tiles fray
to thatched
cinders shift clear—
almost translucent

sharp memories
& thought
blur, i say

nudge, you are swapped
for push
grip, become brush
& yank a gentle tug
and touch!

now, ask of me
what you require
my love

for order
as genial appeal
on a single day or more
is not much of a task.


orfeenix said...

It' s rich of dreaming and opened to extraordinary worlds,some words to visit " cinq semaines en ballon" and some words to meditate on,in his heart of hearts.

Wine and Words said...

Ha! I just finished writing a piece about how there are no human certainties. Murky indeed. I love the last lines. "Ask of me what you require..." This is my most difficult task. Always has been.

Noxalio said...

Verne, yes Isabelle, especially "cinq semaines en ballon" ... the African tale ... it's near and dear to my heart (how did you guess?? ha ha ) ... :)

Noxalio said...

Annie, i see we have the same affliction ... some can ask with impunity, others not ... takes practice and concerted effort to break the habit, i'm told ... hmmm ... how've you been?