Saturday, March 26, 2011

then, Charity

for Dannie

then, Charity
unexpectedly vanished
corralled it seems
by one of many sunless deities
sporting broad, irresistible smiles

in the ensuing clamor
for incidental engagement
amidst the hovering throng
a courtship of waxing moon
& waning star

we each stumble
toward infernal fissures

bluff & precipice
home to unknowns
scores of faceless
transient demigods

two souls careening
toward the other's
nameless abyss

my love
this is when some angels are born
when others are destined to fall
to earthly desire
for succor & rapture
as touchstone

my fleeting shooting star
although brutally detached
at least for now
i am certain

you are home.


Peter Greene said...

Powerful. Thanks, Noxalio. Possible waining/waning error; although i could construct a case for doing that on purpose to suggest a sleeping-car. Besides, spelling doesn't count after Level 5. It's in the terms on the back of your Poetic License.

Loved the picture, too.


AM said...

" we each stumble toward infernal fissures " ... so well said.

a thoughtful poem. wonderful

Wine and Words said...

The unexpected vanishing of anything leaves such a cavernous hole. And I wonder at it, as I always do, if slow removal would have been easier somehow. I never have an answer, for as soon as I settle on one, I discover the other more true.

AM said...

wonderful... great when read loud.. nce words.

Noxalio said...

Peter, thank you for the heads up (oops) ...

Noxalio said...

ah Annie, that's so true ... the teeter-totter between the sudden and final jerk or the slow burn ... i have my doubts too ...

Peter Greene said...

Noxalio, very welcome. I felt sooort of nervous telling you, but I hope you would do the same for me. Editing never seems to catch up with composition, does it? I'm still going through trying to make sure I have hard copies of everything, and finding !mistakes! where already the Hand That Edits had been a few times. Old, old, and bumbly is what I am getting.

Noxalio said...

oh, lines n shades, you're too generous ... i'm glad to hear from you ... :)

Noxalio said...

yes Peter, i too revise and correct constantly, even if no one notices (all the way to the first post - it's a bit of neurosis i think - ha ha) ... and never feel nervous re: input, it's always welcome ... and i shall do the same ...

Peter Greene said...

thanx noxalio...