Wednesday, March 30, 2011

some eventualities simply exist

some eventualities simply exist
and nothing is completely original

nor in a way singular
but for the shape of impulse
as expressed at the extremes

equidistant from cutting-edge frontier
to fleeting serenity at fulcrum
where evanescent peace scarcely persists

"i am more real than any nepenthe dream"

my divine sentinel, order there is ephemeral—
as tranquil as it is in the eye
of swirling uproar.


Peter Greene said...

Mm! Sort of like whatsisname's math thingy; every combination and permutation will eventually come again: everything connected and amorphous like a wind. except you have added the delicious caveat of free will. Or at least that's one of the things that happened in my mind as I read this; still tripping on 'divine sentinel'. Fading, everlasting, never-quite-reaching. Thanks for very interesting end to my coffee-time, Noxalio.

orfeenix said...

Icarus searching for another sun in the space, originality still exists!