Tuesday, March 1, 2011

our dated idioms

our dated idioms
for distance
are abandoned
leagues & clicks reeled-in
as rifts crumple

wooden metronome
heartbeat ailment
doggerel stanzas fashion selves—
Parnassians have disappeared

in a grand scheme
are rarely measured in meters
timing starlight is seen
more faithful
& accurate

as it is
you are always here
when bursts arrive

reflected senses
are innocence—
as blurry vision
only requiring corrective treatment
are pronounced

for instance: proviso
its tenor—
& full of caprice
inducing lilting weakness
in skinny knees
is more congenial sounding
than say: redress
an obdurate tone—

both legalese of glacial
lexicon, yet distance and alone
are more cold.


Anonymous said...

i think we're on similar wavelengths this week, noxy. your language is incredible here, as always. wonderful the idea of "timing starlight..."

Wine and Words said...

I am just grasping at parts I think I understand, but there are relationships within which I have attempted distance, and for good reason, but we are rubber bands which after every stretch...retract. Perhaps we are meant to be close, no matter the pain. For even in the stretch there is that.

Noxalio said...

Joanna, funny how that happens, no? ... oh, and, thank you for the kind words ...

Noxalio said...

yes, Annie, i see what you mean ... and also the reverse can be true (and this one, apparently, can fit either scenario now that i read it the way you did) ... hmmm ...