Thursday, March 17, 2011

my rose petal

my rose petal
are you lost once again
amid coffee trees and apricot

quivering in wind that emanates
from deep within phyletic forest
routinely pretending to be home?

it's come to this
in increments

by wantonly crafted spinnings
of make believe deities
rigged as sultans and kings

wordy beings
wielding documents
as armament
drunk for millennia
having shot
just one thimble
of our totemic brandy.

don't worry, my wild strawberry
starting today, attention
to every murmur paves your way—
figs and quinces and almonds
will sustain you along your
precarious journey.

my sweet vagabond
if you stay, as always

are treacherous places
for homes.


* said...

Vagabonds and journeys, this is my kind of poem. Loved the picture paired with it as well.

Noxalio said...

hello Terresa ... yes, i love the picture too ...

i'm glad to have made this connection ... i enjoy your writing ...


Anonymous said...

such an ache in this ... yes, crossroads ... makes me wonder how much of each life is actually spent there? (spent in every sense)

choices are so multi-levelled and it's all so complex ... i lost how to keep life simple eons ago ... indecision is a crippler though and so many ends are an illusion of being home ... oh my, now you got me going ...

this is one Total poem!

pass me that brandy!

Noxalio said...

ah, Sell, indecision's my very own specialty it seems ... i raise my glass in a toast to you!!