Sunday, February 20, 2011

take the power

This was inspired by Irene's "mystery" which she posted at her site "lost in translation".

It's more of a companion than a response (and as usual, mine's a bit blathery compared to her compact style, which I like, very much).

I invite you to visit and read her wonderful works there. As always, please introduce yourselves if there for the first time, say hello and drop her a line.

take the power
of Nature, for one

tempests when formed
are thought

seeded by pairing
of Prospect and Woe
before landfall
selecting tenor—

a gathering

some shatter trees
bearing pretty flowers
others favor to leave us

salty torrents
upon others
flooding lawns—

on bed of roses
stoic homes

is this
Time swirls
in our minds
festooning Dreams—
why we cannot tell
Love comes
or disappears?

if a key
to this cipher
were to be found
the ache of not knowing
would surely be

that flickering
would have to be

in median Doubt
all the while


i think ...


Wine and Words said...

Tempests impregnated by prospect and woe. Wow! A full meal right there. Could for me, also be, pregnant via dream and the same unrealized.

And that last line. Is it cowardly of me to think ever poem should end so...

i think

Sometimes my voice seems small and unsure, and it just feels better to qualify what I say as so far removed from any truth other than the one I am trying on in the moment.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. This is pregnant with thought indeed. A companion piece? I like the thought. *blush*

Noxalio said...

Annie, the "i think" leaves open possibilities, no? otherwise it's proverb or something even more dull ... far from it for me to preach, what on earth do i know?? (although it certainly sounds like it, over here, sometimes - ha ha) ... no, not cowardly - just "emergency exit" of of a sort - a useful devise in certain situations ...

Noxalio said...

hiya Irene ... ha ha re: *blush* ... mission accomplished?? *sly smile*

as an avid plagiarist i have no choice but to label this as companion ... all the thoughts were yours - i just took it back a century or so (it seems - ha ha)

and the "melodrama"? way over the top, no?? sometimes i can't help myself - hee hee

it was good to hear from you ...

Anonymous said...

wonderful, Noxy ... a true companion piece ... full of passion and there's something essentially correct about this too ... prospect and woe, like tarot cards ... hard to tell the difference sometimes, too but Determination seems to be the key elemental driving force ...

i guess Life is/should be about a relationship with Nature at every level, our own, Gaia's, the whole she-bang ... sometimes even trying to Know anything feels like overstepping an illusory line ..

*bleh, i'm rambling unintelligibly ... come on, coffee, work, darn it!

Noxalio said...

Shell ... i love the notion of prospect and woe, as tarot ... hadn't thought of that aspect but yes, it certainly fits, to a tee ...

maybe my next project should be the design of a whole new deck? hmmm ... and you'll have to write accompanying poems - one each - nice and tight ones ... what do you say? ha ha ... well, first, we need to work out the titles ...

can you tell that i've been working way too many hours today? blabbering, almost unintelligible, no?