Thursday, February 17, 2011

it's perilous

it's perilous
[to see you again] curved
as yours had been
with ones flaunting
like [luscious] lashes

familiar antics

to hypnotics
[of their ogling]
over the years
i've been mesmerized
by countless others
with similar

tricksters & impostors
all that they've been
is [damned]

our maps
drawn in their ambers
crystalline reminders
of that twilight
when you said:

i will never, ever
be leaving]

my breeze
in retrospect
i've often wondered
if that had indeed
in truest love
[was it?]

that wistful promise
if it was meant
to cover
this here
and now [could it?]

to my end
of this golden braid
i ask again
my world
do you feel the same
[tugging] still?


Wine and Words said...

my breeze. Brilliant. Things we say in the moment. Definitive things. Promises. But life is not definitive. It is in flux as we equally are. Cuts though, doesn't it, when you feel the rope go slack.

Anonymous said...

utterly heart-wrenching .... and that golden braid again ... perfect agony and poise ... er ... am a bit speechless despite this being my seventh read


(thank you)

Noxalio said...

Annie, i've always held on to the notion of a distant loved one as being present, somehow, in the breeze (i also love the sound of the word itself) ... yes, as the wind is not of any particular shape, so is life, i suppose ... a tether is all one can hope for (do you, perchance, fish? if you do, you know the feeling when there's something imperceptible at the end of the line ... quite surprising that it can transmit in such fine detail, no?)

Noxalio said...

Shell, i chopped it just a bit ... i hope it's not ruined (for you) ... but i think it'll have to stay this way (for now) ...

"Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid" - yes, geeky but one of the quintessential books i value much ... the braid runs through almost everything - real or imagined is immaterial - there's an order even to chaos ... no? ... a matter of focus and a leap of imagination (or faith, as some put it, all the same)

Wine and Words said...

Grew up boating and fishing...plucking berries from shores and rowing myself out so far as to cause concern to those waiting on the vessel. Yes...such a tiny filiment can transmit a weighty prospect. Nerves also.

funny the word close to under sea :)