Thursday, February 17, 2011

drape me in teal

drape me in teal
my love
i require it
otherwise indigo
or something

allow me to glow
for you
for blue's
o so elemental

my torment
soul sacrifice
a probable
another way
to say

or not
my soul
take note:
i may soon favor
over you

i shall
to heather

[o so sentimental
& fucking predictable].


Wine and Words said...

Must be something in the <a href = ">air</a>!

Loved the eye roll at the end. A little predictability is comforting in such a color.

Noxalio said...

ha ha, yes Annie, must be ...

Wine and Words said...

Well that didn't work out at all did it?

I was trying to show you I was posting about similar colors...

Rock me
with waves of blue

I'll stand so ever still
in the hue
let it coat my skin
to a deathly pallor
hang my head
curl my waist
crumple slow like that
vertebrae by vertebrae
as I follow the sound


Lydia said...

I found a print tucked into a vintage book in a trunk owned by my grandmother. It shows a beauty in a blue room, dressed in shades of blue. It is gorgeous and captivating, and this poem describes it (well, all except the final line...).

Noxalio said...

hello Lydia,

i'm intrigued ...

would it be possible for you to post a scan of the picture you speak of? was it of an acquaintance? perhaps a postcard? or something entirely different? ...

all these questions ...

i thank you for your comment ...