Monday, February 14, 2011

devastations arrive

for T.

devastations arrive
in certain guises
take sunrises
for one

memory discharges
misty monsters

chimera in filigree
of tincture and shade
scurry for cover
to hide by day
they carry
paisley patterns
of her magnetic smiles

on pearly skin
evocative of carnival mask
blue lined designs of maidens
poised for song
appear in mirrored form

suddenly surprised
if soft brush with Teal
is tinged
obstacle beyond
some facile caveat

on the sway of hips
A Cappella, my divine valentine
a trance is more vagary
than that

while reveries
are simple matter
of degrees, tattooed
emblems on a heart
are somewhat


Peter Greene said...

Very tidy, very lovely. Feels mournful but not so painful. Neat word-work - like embroidery. Thanks for it, Noxalio -


Peter Greene said...

And please do feel free to dispose tidily of my previous comment today on 'silence is slightly murder'...pre-meds. I must remember to time my communication-times better.

later -

Noxalio said...

Peter, no need to remove that comment, i understood it perfectly (in my own knotted way, i should say) ... yeah, this one is primarily meant to be read tongue-in-cheek (yet as most things over here, it bears that monotonous theme just above the surface - and slightly below it too - that's how i make sandwiches and write diary-poetry - with the same loaf of bread, every-single-day, it seems ...)

Wine and Words said...

How many loaves does it take, before the sandwich is consumable?

I must say Noxy, I do not like the idea of sunrise as devistation, but you have pointed to the obvious elephant, who parades around mid-room while we crane our necks in avoidance. Arrrrgh. Is nothing sacred? Not even sunrise?

Noxalio said...

hmmm, Annie ... there's a little trickery in there - punctuation and line-breaks can be deceptive and shifty ... but i do agree, sunrises are supposed to be a "reset" (but not for nocturnals; to them dawn is akin to dusk - or something like that) ... and further, devastation is not always destruction, it could simply overwhelm one ... no?

did you say sandwich? i'm famished ... BLT anyone?

Anonymous said...

i adore this ... such tender agony ...

*ahem ... i might continue my not-really pompous mood by suggesting a few tweaks? just teeny tiny ones?

how about "scurry" rather than "scurrying" (L9) ... only a maybe, not sure ...

similarly "on the sway of hips" (L27-ish ... duh .. lost count lol)might sound better?

remove "seemed to" and let it flow as "appear in mirrored form"

the internal rhymes throughout are beautiful and blossom firework style in the last two stanzas ...

awesome writing yet again, you!

love the night/day chase .. the beloved's everywhere but i always feel closer by starlight ... isn't there a huge myth/belief system focussed on the way moon and sun deal with each other when it's time to change shift? kind of a battle thing, each in turn the victor?

capella ... very very cute ... yep, i had to google as i thought it a dance or music... *heh


Noxalio said...

ah, Shell, all perfect edits (what would i do without your eyes?). thank you!!

liked the notion of 'a cappella hip sway' ... i almost went with Capella (star of Auriga) but figured the innuendo to be present regardless of spelling ...

wish i could tell you the details re: this here, will have to in another form ... it should make you smile, a little more ...

yeah, the night/day cycle is endless fascination for me ... a recurring theme, no? ... though i too prefer the nights (noxy = nox, no? ha ha) ... but also love the dawn as much as dusk ...

i just don't want a day to end ... thus, over the years, have stayed up later and later, desperately trying to elongate each day (it only works a few days/nights in a row and then this thing called 'need for sleep' creeps in *sigh*) ...

Noxalio said...

Shell, i should have said 'heartbeat' over 'eyes', i think that's more accurate :)