Tuesday, February 1, 2011

despair is lyrical. scaffold (1)

despair is lyrical. scaffold
for duet's concord;
ballad oozing dahlia,
fresh and warm

as will a poniard, pulled
swift across a palm, pool
ruby claret channeled within
a furrow, impelled intaglio.

roseate droplets must clot
to decorate rue and rent,
expressed in post-survivor
style, represent: pulse—

harmony diffused inchoate
as heart-song slightly tottered;
tempos remain faint, echo
vignettes interrupted

somewhat too abrupt.


Peter Greene said...

oh, I liked that one. Thought's poniard. Never release. Talons and Pandora's cans of film - a really neat piece. thanks for sharing it, Noxalio.


Shadow said...

very emotional. locking up so many feelings. is it wise?

Wine and Words said...

This lays heavy, like a truth lived...perhaps too long. Tenacity in those talons, in the smudge wanting immortality, the cans with their strong wording...NEVER!

Noxalio said...

ladies and gent, this one broke apart into three shards as it should have been from the start ... i'm sorry if i've made your kind comments seem a bit tilted now ...