Sunday, January 2, 2011

whimsy, my dear, is it true

whimsy, my dear, is it true

even nothing can be measured
given ancillary reflection

notwithstanding quixotic ideal?


Anonymous said...

this is such a tease ... lol

i don't think Nothing can be measured but i'm sure many will continue to try and quantify ... even visionaries quest for further insight ... and maybe that last is do-able ...

anyway, you sent me to google and that's gotta be a measurement of something ... whimsical LOL

love the flow of this btw ...

Noxalio said...

"given 'enough' ancillary reflection" was the seed (truth be told, a 'condition' i sometimes suffer from) but "quixotic ideal" took over as conceit and refused to let go ... and then i stumbled upon the painting ... funny how these things grow lives, no?