Monday, January 3, 2011

translucent sheets

translucent sheets
from a writing pad

two poems and a letter

enamel beads, a flask
opal baguette

a lock of hair
a clasp

organdy ribbon wispy as air

a keepsake case
with label

pristine stamp,
not cancelled

red velvet lined, antiquated



Zaina Anwar said...


Shadow said...

a casket of memories???

Wine and Words said...

A shoebox of wishes
a coffin
once buried?

I'll keep it then
on a shelf
with the lid
and pipe
my breath
into the ashes of it

(Amazing poem Noxalio. The last word like a tumble down a long flight of stairs)

Anonymous said...

deeply moving - an unsent letter, memories and mementos ... reminded me of someone precious who died (i worry because my precious ones often die)

and that stark casket at the end ... now that's a finale!

wonderful writing ...

Noxalio said...

oh my ... i blush ... this one is a simple rehash of a much older one (although thoroughly disguised as new) ...

@Zaina, thank you for the compliment, it's good to see you again

@Shadow, yes, somewhat, but more importantly a tie-in with the previous one ...

@Annie, a nice supplement / compliment ... many thanks. as always you are kind to me and mine ...

@Shell, i hope this bit of semi-fiction is just that. i'm sorry if it causes any undue pain ... it's still a bit mushy, don't you think ... and maybe over-dramatic in a Hallmark sort of way? ha ha, did you smile?

Momo Luna S!gnals said...

Memories are haunting me....

Such a tendre poem full of longings.