Saturday, January 29, 2011

should you choose to pick-up guitar

should you choose to pick-up guitar
beware of the lure

cast by the blues, the hook
will have twelve bars, and tippet,
appropriately vague & translucent

for your eyes. while unaware,
there will come a strike, then you'll stagger
and reel back.

when strung
on a stringer, remember:

is haphazardly done by players
when spellbound

and fedora
is just uniform.


Wine and Words said...

I never knew the power...NEVER KNEW...the power of blues until 2010. How could I know the lure, without even a nod to existence? And I am...doubled over, and loving every measure. I will pick up the guitar again. It's time.

Peter Greene said...

Guitars are like skateboards; joyous, and watching someone who knows what they are doing a greater pleasure for the knowledge of all the painful errors that went before.

Thanks for the poem, noxAlio.

Noxalio said...

Annie, there's a little know Czech band who play (and divinely sing, might i add) a modern form of the blues - they're called Nil, i'm particularly taken by a track called Bitter Delusion from their The River Spring album (2005 or 6, i think) ... the universality of music rejuvenates my optimism when it threatens to falter, sometimes ...

Noxalio said...

PG, i know precisely what you mean ...