Friday, January 14, 2011

Shell's "i would not rise but for this flame"

[This one is Shell's of forgetmenow, which she kindly left as part of a comment
to my sunset tones are warm a little while ago. I think it deserved to be displayed
more prominently here, so here it is. Shell, I hope you're doing well, my friend.]

i would not rise but for this flame

burning in my gut with you

and more you, such air and grace

willing to hold hands

shed perfect blues after all the fuss

and being careful

not to kiss while blood watched


Anonymous said...


i'm late finding this ... i hermit even more than usual when i'm in a weirdmoon mind *heh

thank you my dear friend Noxy ...


Noxalio said...

Shell, i'm glad you're "back", missed you and was a tad worried, but now i'm no longer ... :)