Tuesday, January 25, 2011

rings churned space

rings churned space
some still oscillate

sand leapt hourglass
moments wisped as dust
refused to settle

hearts raced
stealing pulse and breath
escaped from lips
in o shapes made ample for kissing
courtesy & discourse

timber and tenor blew songs
with familiar tune but heart-rates failed
to quell, charts turned melody

with alarm-red streaks thrusting
deep into the night, we labored
and were madly tangled

now blink and chime jostle
for time as did oscillating rings
all-day, and without doubt, will,
once more, today

some fussy, others not
mostly analog.


Wine and Words said...

I held back time once. Or did I borrow time? Probably the latter, as there was payment due. I love the notion of sand escaping the hour glass, grains refusing to settle. I like the power, or the assumption there is power enough to hold time.

Loved the musical references, and the hearts escaping in shapes for kiss...or courtesy. The beat right before the choice.

I googled oscillating rings. I never took physics, but I read the whole experiment :) Yes, I am bored today.

Elisabeth said...

And this is our journey? Nox, Wow.

Noxalio said...

Annie, oscillating rings really jumped in here quite by accident - initially they didn't even exist but now they seem to have taken full prominence ... with minds of their own, pesky little things!!

Noxalio said...

Elisabeth, yes, but only for the 2 days in question ... i hope ... ha ha

Peter Greene said...

Yow! Neat poem. Approaching some kind of warp drive here...

And yes, that first couplet, with the oscillating rings; what a thing! What a lovely cascade of sounds and images you have made here, noxAlio - do it some more, he cried, in the voice of an excited child!

Shadow said...

i am ready to let the sands of time slip me by, pass into a distant memory, to be refilled by something new...

Noxalio said...

thank you PG
... i'm trying, i'm trying ... as fast as i can, i will ... some days yes, others not ... i'm certain you know how it goes ...

Noxalio said...

Shadow ... time's a tricky little bastard, no? ... a quick spin or a flick of the wrist can bring about a whole new beginning ... restarting the countdown, so to speak ...