Saturday, January 15, 2011

Living Like Julian

Living Like Julian

I am too fair and my hair
is the wrong tone. my skin,
somewhat thinner than average
Jane's or John's.

I'm unaccustomed
to local customs, my drawl for instance,
is inconsistent and I often nod in disagreement
especially when made nervous
by circumstance.

Imagine this: to ask for fish
at the meat counter, to my surprise,
is considered foreign in some circles,
but for omnivores I thought it didn't matter—
apparently it damn well does.
Now I'm a fucking foreigner in their eyes.

Alien, four-times over, one without a true home,
I'm told, yet with a phone number and address,
however impermanent, they call me, not refugee
but consumer and apparently I do—

Now fetch me my crown,
the one with a gecko on it, It's prime
for my accessory assuagement;
Tonight we debate the affairs of my clan—
it's migration time.


Elisabeth said...

'Alien four times over', you say. A powerful poem here, Nox, and one that sets my mind a ticking with all sorts of associations. The way I like it to do. Thanks.

Shadow said...

does anyone ever really, totally, fit in???

Anonymous said...

ooo love this! it's weird because i suspect i came into the world not really feeling like i was "home" although i love Gaia and apparently chose to come here lol

and yeah, fish is killed meat like the animals .. does the genus matter at the bloodmarket?

and yet, we are all so labelled in so many ways by everything odd/individual we do ... no matter how logical

i think we're only ever home in our selves and souls ... sometimes, rarely, we feel at home with others too

and geckoes (sp?) are BEAUTIFUL!
i have a wrecked wall plaster-wise but am loathe to fix it because of the long standing indent that looks just like a gecko *s

Noxalio said...

Elisabeth, i'm glad to oblige

(this, in a way is autobiographical as absurd as it may sound) ...

Noxalio said...

Shadow, some seem to and that
amazes me ... not i, though and so

Noxalio said...

Shell, yes gecko (oops! thanks *blush) ...

please, someday, take a snapshot of your plaster wall, light it from the side so that it shadows long ... and post it ... i'd love to see it.

re: "only ever home in our selves", i'm happy you feel this way, really ... for in my case the unrest outside invades ... and certainty and doubt debate, endlessly ... even there ... annoying as hell!!! but in a sense it keeps me a boy still curious wondering, i suppose.