Wednesday, January 26, 2011

like flame-red hair swirling as if a dragon

like flame-red hair swirling as if a dragon
breathes in & out, air, wispy as steam is hot.
oding pretty damsels, gleaming by daylight,
watch them skim & glide in playful-flight

jaunty & kirby, sport filmy see-through-wear
as diamond dartles, metallic-clear, darling
little scarletts in sparkling ivory pintails

migrant and blue-eyed vagrant sprites
dance, cunningly flounce while they dodge
poles erected which bear a smudge

of gooey, soppy birdlime [meanwhile,
a scalding Indonesian frier's on fire;
forerunner of dunk and plunge] then swarm

confounding lips, drooling with hunger
for winsome things, flimsy & light—
aptly sauced & spiced ready for brunch;

those quirky things, they carry
massive crushes for these creatures
and their improbable ambrosial crunch
but today portends to be a bust. what a delight!


Wine and Words said...

Sensual, but unnerving somehow. I'm swirling around a bit here, unable to land on your epicenter. Such delicate language...all light, wispy, filmy, sprite flounce. Then hot, scalding, plunge, spice, massive crush, fragrant crunch. I don't know how to feel at the end. I'm not sure where to settle, and perhaps in that...I am exactly where you wished me to be :)

Noxalio said...

Annie, apparently oding is a hobby (such as birding etcetera ...), who knew, eh? ... wiki baby! (i thought it meant O.D.'ing ... ha ha).

Shadow said...

quite the range of emotions you've put me through here, wheeeew

Peter Greene said...

I kind of assumed oding was the act of singing odes at folks. Now, i want to go to a fair somewhere I've never been, eat crunchy deep-fried sugar-things, and watch incomprehensible colours. An unusual urge you've spurred with your words, NoxAlio. Thanks for the poem.


Wine and Words said...

"In the United States dragonflies and damselflies are sought out as a hobby similar to birding and butterflying, known as oding, from the dragonfly's Latin name Odonata."

THIS was about dragonflies????? Holy Moly...was I WAAAAY off.

Noxalio said...

Shadow ... good or bad ones? ... or maybe, cocktail?

Noxalio said...

PG and Annie ... yeah ... ha ha ...