Saturday, January 22, 2011

liberty is just mandate. open terrain

liberty is just mandate. open terrain
curving toward umpteen suitable stations;
latitude to harbor or drift-along
pastoral, as you will.

equality indeed demands justice—

beyond doubt. truth and beauty
alongside goodness, fickle triplets
at banquets of impulse gorge
unattended; Loreleis of keenness
and appetite.

finally: love— enigma,
curiously dispatched from his coven
requiring no gravity as though vapor.

presumably levity had branded her
a whore; caution: she's slippery
and she's always wet.


Peter Greene said...

Thanks, NoxAlio; a neat poem. Open terrain so often has someone else in it already! I liked looking up loreleis - thanks for that too.

Elisabeth said...

I relish the idea of truth and beauty alongside goodness as 'fickle triplets' who 'gorge unattended' at 'banquets of impulse'.

Great poem here, Nox, powerful writing, powerful content. And humbling for this reader.

Noxalio said...

Tony, i suppose it is a pipe-dream of sorts, wide-open frontier and all that - physically speaking, but not the worst of possible delusions, no?

thanks for stopping over.

Noxalio said...

Elisabeth ... i must admit, not an original amalgamation of ideas (but i take full credit for the verbiage - ha ha) ... i used to (still do) admir Adler while he worked on the Great Books volumes for Britannica and his own Six Great Ideas (Truth, Goodness, Beauty / Liberty, Equality, Justice) ... but he left out Love, i could never (still don't) understand it ...

Wine and Words said... the last line. And the fickle triplets. I just wrote something of implulse...of self centered intrigue, just before coming here....

I am too wide within my frame. I have honed in on singular needs that come from my own small mouth. I reach, but pull back my hand...worried of my skin. It is time to be more. More than what I reach for.

Noxalio said...

ah ha, Annie, i saw one appear and then quickly disappear ... and now it's back (was wondering why you had second thoughts about it) ... i suppose, that was 'indeed' the prevailing sentiment ... doubt ... my unwelcome muse who i cannot live without.

reaching is simply that; not more, not less, but just ... reach-out and up or down ... go ahead ... you're in full charge (and skin, be damned) ... no?

thank you, Annie, for your thoughts and words and your friendship.