Thursday, January 20, 2011

in a gaudy station adorned in purple

in a gaudy station adorned in purple
neon, you preen, studied in plays of murder
& suicide; guileful
in mirror

that reflects facade: Vegas castle
complete with throne for play-write-acrobat;
prefab counter of wile
& makeup.

i'll have you know i can lunge
under staged props with even more grace
and elegance; pay all prices for sustenance
when i guard my pride

from dogs: vulpine
but missing fox-like-charm—
yelping and howling in discordant keys
ranging from c-sharp
to insidious;

my roar, in tune, echos forever,
disrupts all pomp and slaughter;
shoo-ing prowler and pipsqueak

we're done! it's breakfast time—
rehearsal is finally over.


Anonymous said...

ohhh my .. how multi-layered is this? coyotes are amazing and soooo symbolic ... this multi-layered poem is amazing too ... and with your gorgeous humour bubbling too ... love it love it love it! i'll back when i have a mind, maybe i'll invent one instead .. it's friday and i'm drinking wine ...

superb writing, noxy!

Noxalio said...

yes, i swear, wiley coyote lives in my back hard (or so i tell myself) ... the're so cunning and adaptable ... poor souls, they have no where else to go, in fact, we're in their back yard, i suppose ...

but this one's about another, more crafty and menacing one ... not the typical customer of ACME, Inc. ...