Thursday, December 23, 2010

sunset tones are warm

sunset tones are warm
as compared with their brethren
for while days break, shed nights
in increments;

paint with caution over grays one stroke
at a time, until, in the end, pure blues are dominant.

although not so furtive
secrets kept are just
two, holding hands;

one clasps; the other thumbs in fervent trust;
exchange baked frowns for perky emoticons.

faces flush
rose, hearts crimson.

on the other hand, if tawdry, pigments muddle
giving rise to sordid browns— a bloody mess spawns



Wine and Words said...

Are you in my head...sucking like a Slurpy with the resulting brain freeze? I am reading this as if it were written about me. Isn't that odd. It relates on many levels. And that is what a great poem does. Allows enough varience that it "applies" itself all over the place.

Merry Christmas!

Noxalio said...

blue coconut, wild cherry or watermelon?? ha!! thuth be told, i'm very succeptible to brain freezes.

a Merry Christmas to you too Annie.

Anonymous said...

ohhh i like this ... had/have a fixation about egytians ... must be a previous life ... on the other hand i alo read this as being about .... women's stuff ... must be my mood ... or the moon, let's go with that since i currently have the flu ... errgghh!

which is no doubt why i wrote this in response

i would not rise but for this flame
burning in my gut with you
and more you, such air and grace
willing to hold hands
shed perfect blues after all the fuss
and being careful
not to kiss while blood watched

Noxalio said...

oh, Shell, i hope you're feeling better (i simply loath the flu, i do!!) ...

what a wonderful verse Shell ... as always full of emotion and heart ... and words crafted and compacted just so ... *sigh* ... thank you for posing it here ...