Monday, December 27, 2010

i raise my goblet with this weary arm

i raise my goblet with this weary arm
and wonder in silence as i toast: this year,

who happened upon a diamond charm, catacombed
in warmed furrows of flaxen cesnicas? the rolls
are all but gone yet no one here shows a tell
nor one within my realm sports that brilliant a blue stone.

regardless, i warble, "je via sano, one and all,
may good fortune attend your whims and storm
through the impending yet oh such slender inaugural.
here's to heath, be well, ĝis la revido, samideanojn

oh kaj, bonŝanco (karulinojn)", this one's roughly done.


Wine and Words said...

Until the re-seeing (?). Are you fluent in Esperanto? I've never heard of it before. To your health as well Noxalio. Cheers with my exhausted arm.

Shadow said...

a weary arm indeed. may the new year's cheer like the veil...

Noxalio said...

oh no, Anni, although i simply love the language i'm an absolute clod at it ... take a look at my latest post and see how you like the sound of it, i think it's beautiful ... cheers to you too!!!

Noxalio said...

well, hi there Shadow, what a nice surprise to hear from you (been a while, eh?) ... hope you've been well and enjoying the summer? ... wel put, may it be so ... for you too dear.