Wednesday, December 8, 2010

bring me spun yarn

bring me spun yarn
wound tight as a ball— never mind
if Bouclé, Merino or Shetland,
as long as it's heather—

now unwind time— to one choice
macula; a knot, invisible,
where hue faded, supplanting rosette,
one for one in order

to carry on— peristaltic winding
in interplait faith, and whatnot;
a matter of apprehension
at this point.

for what is history if not legend
agreed upon— systematically woven
or consequently wound?


Anonymous said...

stunning! rhythmic string theory and your wonderful wyrdplay in abundance here ... not without mischief yet again .. i so love that *heh ...

and i'll email soon, just working some stuff through as you'll see from my latest *sigh ... lol

lucky that the cosmos is a twisted-gut sense of humour, eh?

Noxalio said...

oh Shell, i'm so glad to hear from you ... i hope this dawn’s revival has brought about some peace and resolution for you ...

yes, certainly, twisted-gut sense of humor abounds ... most of the time ... it's up to us to remember to smile, and sometimes, to laugh out loud ... no?

i changed this around some/a lot ... not sure if it's better or worse, but it is what it is as it stands now ... what do you think?

Anonymous said...

i'm rubbish at remembering word for word, any chance you could post the original for me to compare, dear heart? i think you may have been a bit brutal but not sure lol ...

Anonymous said...

when hue had faded,
another was grafted-on in order

when hue's faded
grafted-on, in (other)order

just a thought .. have drunk wine ... hey .. it's late and allowed though not in order really

am just thinking that the had and was are maybe a little clunky?

Noxalio said...

oh Shell, brutal is right ... especially that i don't normally save previous versions (edit as i go) ... so, no ... sorry dreat, the only one is what's on this page ... AND, i've made another pass at butchering it since you last comment ... ha!!

(what wine? could have used some myself last night ...)

Anonymous said...

aha - the whole tone is different, more challenging ... not sure if that's the right word ...

you mean you don't keep your stuff on a disk? not in Word or indeed anywhere but here? aarrgghh!

i was drinking an all-purpose aussie white, cheap and cheerful. i prefer red but it's starting to not like me so much, plus white's what was in the fridge *heh

i'm unsure about "hue had faded" ... and some of those tenses ... still love "a matter of apprehension at this point" though!

sooo, red or white in that glass?