Saturday, November 27, 2010

minikin verve, canny-eyed

minikin verve, canny-eyed
but without a stitch or a stare;
a glimpse slanted toward one discerning eye
in lowered stance,

still, one hell of a glare;

lucent rays cast forth a flood,
florid glows shower pure-white,
sprinkle day-glow and polychrome

over a now gathering crowd;

heralds the coming style—
substance subtly flung in trance
offered with abandon's flare;
grace flabbergasts

the sauce groomed throng; echos briskly basal.

yens tug true and rare—
coiled firm across restless hearts,
emanating from the very core
of a still but distant Rising Sun

where intercourse is scrupulously polished.

studious and circumspect,
but not of a puritanical form,
nor, for that matter,
of that temperament at all—

radiance doused élan permeates spine.

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