Sunday, November 14, 2010

heat-death is possible

heat-death is possible
for us
as you know
it is fairly commonplace
but entirely another
for stars
and celestial space.
entropy for us
is just: melting ice;
whereas, speculation
there, if vacuum decays;
becomes almost-dead,
abruptly revives—


Wine and Words said...

Oh yes...Heat death is entirely possible. I took hot yoga for a week. way!!! 90 minutes at 105 degrees with no moving air. Death was imminent I tell you. I got myself outta there right quick.

Anonymous said...

you've done that sensual metaphysical thing again, haven't you? i like it!

turned entropy into something exhilerating rather than its generally accepted definition ...

like the yin/yang poem, what some see as that is more like this, way more vital and energetic than morbid science depicts ...

i adore

entropy for us
is just: melting ice;

like a warm hello ...
love the mischief in sometimes ...

Noxalio said...

ha ha W & W ... i honestly didn't know that there was such a thing as "hot yoga" ... this does seem appropriate in that light, eh? ... ha ha ...

Noxalio said...

Shell, the yin/yang one was from so long ago (funny you mention it here, it seems that lately i've regressed ... no? ... it certainly seems so ... maybe ... but with a little more mischief? ha ha ... )