Saturday, November 6, 2010

first fisticuffs

first fisticuffs,
then the breaking of chairs
and bone
and glass.

all throughout, calm prevails,
as evidenced by braids
and his still groomed hair;
patterns, modern and age-old,
intricately woven by capable hands--

kept intact
while under the spell.

it is primordial after all;
combustion and blast
ignited by spark,
mothered by malevolence
or fear or doubt

or else, plain old druthers,
and grain-- when liquefied;

whether legitimate or otherwise--

somewhat recondite,
well after the fact;

scorched enemies
and apparent brothers,
spurred on by genes
and departed fathers.


Anonymous said...

there's something kind of disturbing about this .. i mean, who sits around, all erotic-like, and allows/watches a cockfight?

i don't care what cultural customs permit, i'd be ashamed of myself if i allowed such in a previous life ...

but then, so much fighting between lovers, friends, people in general is just that .. chemistry defining emotion, justifying jealousy and aggression, validating every de-based thing about human nature ...

aarrgghh! is this a rant in-the-brew? lol

this is very clever writing, my friend!

Noxalio said...

yes Shell, what you say is spot on ... quite disturbing this (the image, i mean) ...

the writing is another thing; it was in fact inspired by and event which occurred the day before ... in public ... actually, a bit more disturbing than the painting ...

i hope all's well with you, my friend!!