Tuesday, November 30, 2010

although uncertain if ukase

although uncertain if ukase
or enlightenment, it is a notion
i didn't subscribed to;

neither as a matter of fact
nor iterant cant;

now i can't say i don't get the essence
of this most aberrant of pronouncements
regarding the nature of mundane matters;
of particular faces and places or effects;

accoutrements ostensibly resplendent
yet fated entirely another way—



Wine and Words said...

Oh man...I not only missed the essence, I missed by a mile. I'm so tired, too tired to puzzle. I hate it when I don't get it, but you wouldn't believe how often I don't. Small brain. Ugh. Liked the words though...accoutrements, pronouncements. I say them slow and feel all smart :)

Noxalio said...

W&W ... still,
made me smile

Anonymous said...

is someone trying to lay down the law with you?? isn't it irksome when others tell you how to live? lol

even worse when you're not sure if there might be a grain of enlightenment in their cant ... i liked the play on cant/can't by the way ... is there a sort of sonic-bleed-effect going on with aberrant/abhorrent?

i think the closest we get to any kind of truth is via gut feeling ... but then i don't seem to have the focus to actually read and remember what philosophers gave their lives to *sigh

i'm sure none of this has anything to do with what you actually wrote, though *grin


Noxalio said...

ha ha, Shell, no, no one's laying down the law ... regardless, thanks, for your concern ...

i don't think this one's all that successful in conveying the notion that there's a pervasive belief that certain people, places, or things etc are "inherently" ill-fated ... which i don't much subscribe to ... but very occasionally i have doubts, given recurrent events ... then, i have to remind myself that it's merely in the eyes of the interpreter, not the "thing" in and of itself ... simple bias, i tell myself ... but then, there's always a chance that i am completely wrong ... and so, it's full circle, once again ...

dizzy ... as always ... as you know by now ... ha!

i did think of "abhorrent" ... but thought better of it (so yes, there is a sonic-bleed-effect, as you so astutely caught ... i suppose, mission accomplished ... no? ... ha ha)

cant/can't was a cheap shot ... but i "had to" go with it ... *smiles* ...

i hope you have a perfect weekend, Shell