Tuesday, November 30, 2010

although uncertain if ukase

although uncertain if ukase
or enlightenment, it is a notion
i didn't subscribed to;

neither as a matter of fact
nor iterant cant;

now i can't say i don't get the essence
of this most aberrant of pronouncements
regarding the nature of mundane matters;
of particular faces and places or effects;

accoutrements ostensibly resplendent
yet fated entirely another way—


Saturday, November 27, 2010

minikin verve, canny-eyed

minikin verve, canny-eyed
but without a stitch or a stare;
a glimpse slanted toward one discerning eye
in lowered stance,

still, one hell of a glare;

lucent rays cast forth a flood,
florid glows shower pure-white,
sprinkle day-glow and polychrome

over a now gathering crowd;

heralds the coming style—
substance subtly flung in trance
offered with abandon's flare;
grace flabbergasts

the sauce groomed throng; echos briskly basal.

yens tug true and rare—
coiled firm across restless hearts,
emanating from the very core
of a still but distant Rising Sun

where intercourse is scrupulously polished.

studious and circumspect,
but not of a puritanical form,
nor, for that matter,
of that temperament at all—

radiance doused élan permeates spine.

Monday, November 22, 2010

trepidation's better

trepidation's better
brother; my old,

raspy caresses,
peculiarly warm;
bareness's tremor—
deceivingly banal
more daunting than ever;
still, i slip
you on;

less dread than fear—
seam, stich
and choker,
how soon you rear
given all the time

tell me once more,
year over year,
how are you

Saturday, November 20, 2010

genuine doubt

genuine doubt
pitch perfect
fishtails amidst
certainty and wraith
reticent foremost,
by dawn
unrestrained faith
outside obligatory
Fata Morgana
but certain
of affliction's
intermittent aura
to one extent
or another
by now

Sunday, November 14, 2010

heat-death is possible

heat-death is possible
for us
as you know
it is fairly commonplace
but entirely another
for stars
and celestial space.
entropy for us
is just: melting ice;
whereas, speculation
there, if vacuum decays;
becomes almost-dead,
abruptly revives—

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the thing about cycles

the thing about cycles
is how they fashion
and how, without them,
measure is formidable
to fathom.

once: an anomaly;
recurrences radiate
whether in monotony
or bewildering variety
(of murmurs,
of cadence,
of fractals,
of flutters),
some manifest;
others stumpers.

now darling,
do tell me something
of chronicle's evident fancy
for baffling recursive recital

if not

Saturday, November 6, 2010

first fisticuffs

first fisticuffs,
then the breaking of chairs
and bone
and glass.

all throughout, calm prevails,
as evidenced by braids
and his still groomed hair;
patterns, modern and age-old,
intricately woven by capable hands--

kept intact
while under the spell.

it is primordial after all;
combustion and blast
ignited by spark,
mothered by malevolence
or fear or doubt

or else, plain old druthers,
and grain-- when liquefied;

whether legitimate or otherwise--

somewhat recondite,
well after the fact;

scorched enemies
and apparent brothers,
spurred on by genes
and departed fathers.