Saturday, May 1, 2010

you are emerald blue: your words torrent, power

you are emerald blue: your words torrent, power
profound, propel waves apparent as they crest
even before they spontaneously break upon distant shores.
the very fact that you are is in and of itself
testament to forces i can hardly fathom,
(no, not the divines, benevolent or wise
beyond wise, nor ones who hold sway
over the guise of lines and rhyme) yet drive my desire
to rearrange posts i hold fast: restack axiom over mantra,
restore the disorders caused by magnetic pulses
you periodically discharge. i cannot square
how mere happenstance, or strain of alchemy
i am presently ignorant of, ultimately sculpts your form:
protracts flawless ripples which radiate from your core;
harmonious shuddering even when not provoked
by phases of our oscillating Moon; ardent
scion of celestial verses we lovingly call our own.


Rachel said...

Lieber Noxi,

genau so empfinde ich es auch, ein sehr gutes Gedicht...

einen wundervollen Sonnensonntag wünsche ich dir herzlichst, Rachel

Wine and Words said...

This is beautiful. And I found it interesting...that you speak of spontaneous waves, when just this morning I wrote of them seeming to be born on my breath and equally released back into the sea. Oh to feel powerless once more, as if disorder were not of my doing.

Shell said...

a beautiful celebration of the gorgeous enchantress/priestess in the painting (which i love)(the waterhouse women are awesome!)

i like the way your poem subtly creates line and curve, like the dichotomy between head and heart, structure and chaos, struggle and surrender, magic and not ...

and all the while "she" is creating, encompassing ...

in the painting she is in the process of drawing the circle but it isn't closed ... beyond her is a gloomy, barren relief .. she is the pivot of Life and whatever science in its coldest most rejective (of nature) mindset says, she is always there ..

this is a ramble but i hope it makes some sense ...

because i wonder ...

does this gorgeous poem mirror my last? a more classical vision of the same scene? from the loving observer's point of view?

*ugh .. that sounds egoistic no matter how i word it, the intention isn't though ... lol

Irina M. said...

Interesting I read through it the emeralds remind me of John Donne.

Paul C said...

I like the imagery and intensity of this poem.

Megan Duffy said...


I really lire your work. There is an antique quality to it, as if I could have found your verses written onto the pages of an early 19th C. novel.

I love the intensity of this poem. The first line is like a micro-poem in itself.

Anonymous said...

this is an awesome adoration, noxy, delicious imagery and gentility; the waterhouse women are exquisite

but ...

i'm sure we're all wondering where you are? hmmm?

Rachel said...

Hallo Noxi,

ein sehr guter Beitrag, ich war wieder gern hier..

herzlichst, Rachel

Anonymous said...

ok ... now i'm worried .. where are you??