Saturday, May 1, 2010

you are emerald blue: your words torrent, power

you are emerald blue: your words torrent, power
profound, propel waves apparent as they crest
even before they spontaneously break upon distant shores.
the very fact that you are is in and of itself
testament to forces i can hardly fathom,
(no, not the divines, benevolent or wise
beyond wise, nor ones who hold sway
over the guise of lines and rhyme) yet drive my desire
to rearrange posts i hold fast: restack axiom over mantra,
restore the disorders caused by magnetic pulses
you periodically discharge. i cannot square
how mere happenstance, or strain of alchemy
i am presently ignorant of, ultimately sculpts your form:
protracts flawless ripples which radiate from your core;
harmonious shuddering even when not provoked
by phases of our oscillating Moon; ardent
scion of celestial verses we lovingly call our own.