Thursday, April 15, 2010

those, the numerically able

those, the numerically able,
not of the roman kind; yet, in a pinch,
those too should satisfactorily compound,

and why on earth not?
but i digress; now moving right along—

for us, equations, which run parallel are thought
as much as love and longing are not
when they arrive.

although we know Gödel’s was not less than Bach's—
not even by an inch; we still favor, for balance,
ones beyond averages, over all.


Wine and Words said...

I often think about the parallels and how either one, off by the merest fraction will eventually result in a error or design? And how the lines, when the balance with which the level gave them, bubbles just a smidge off center...worlds collide.

Anonymous said...

oh my, this is my fault, isn't it? i mentioned numbers aarrgghh lol

i love the image, its raw honesty and curves ... saw the Klimt influence and read about Schiele .. his marriage decided by head not heart ...

and i think that's what's going on here ... the choice of one or t'other when balance of both is more natural ... thoughts can be linear but heart and soul swoop and spiral like Rilke's falcon ... (my favourite quote, that)

this is just the start of my response .. i looked up Godel and the theory of incompleteness (didn't understand a word) and Bach is music i guess (or the flower remedies *heh) but i haven't got any joined up thinking for this leg of the journey .. but i'm loving it, oh yeah!


haha .. gotta love this word verification thing .. impratio!

Noxalio said...

Wine and Words, you are
spot on. simple nudges
can have great affect
over long distances
in time, space or both.
cause and affect are not always
apparent nor immediate,
although they can be. no?

Noxalio said...

ah, Shell, you've caught me
somewhat red-handed. hehe ...

i'm glad

you like the image, i've had
a thing for it for years.

as i've also had for a book
titled Gödel, Escher, Bach -
An Eternal Golden Braid - by
Douglas Hofstadter ... i know,
nerdy, but ...

so too, i've had, for each of them
individually (Gödel, Escher and
Bach) for unrelated reasonons ...

and then there was
your mention of numbers and formulae ... mixed with goodness
knows what else ... don't ask,
it's always complicated
and muddled ...

so there it is ... clear
as mud. ha!

Noxalio said...

Shell, i forgot,

impratio! ha ha ...

i must say, it's a wonderful
(sounding) word!