Wednesday, April 7, 2010

this too is not about tint

this too is not about tint,
a has-been, mere vapor blown,
settled, wiped clean and thrown;

"i suppose you know", he says
memory is said not to be keen;

neither are plans, penned,
even if partially grown,

for despair paints,
as you know,

are opaque and spoilt, instead
of brights or spring tone,
burnt umber in rancid oil.

as you can tell, my love—
this one is not about high-art, at all.


Wine and Words said...

Ah I love this. Intruiging. Plans partially grown. Hmmmm, but it's those paints I'm thinking about most. I have to love despair for its saturated hues...the depth of them untouchable, for me, in happier times. I dislike pastels. They have not yet decided if they really want to be a color, or just a shadow thereof. And perhaps the reason for my despair. I look in the mirror and still see white wash.

Rachel said...

...ganz prima geschrieben...

herzlich, Rachel

Noxalio said...

oh, Wine and Words,
if i were you
i'd replace that darned mirror,
something's certainly wrong
with it. i'm certain.

by the way,
see what you made me do?
i had no choice
but to banish
the pastels.

so there ... :)

Noxalio said...

ah, Rachel,

thank you very much,
as always, you are gracious,
and very kind.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh my ... it looks like you did that forum challenge *grin .. you've done a wayyyy better job than i

adore this

richness spilling, even despair
has glorious tones
and undertones

maybe because what we try to control inevitably controls us? love the title of the artwork btw

this is fantastic! i hear something different every read, which has been many *heh

i first saw this last w/end and thought nooo he didn't .. then i realised, oh yes, he sooo did! LOL

er... can you tell i rather like this? lol


Noxalio said...

Shell, i'm speechless ...
and blushing (somewhat)

this was merely
a "copycat" effort,
aimed at making you "laugh"
(at best) ... (guess
my comedian days
are over ... ha!)

but ... now that it's here
would you mind "reading" it
in your voice? (someday?
maybe a surprise?)

Anonymous said...

lol .. you're a wonderful soul dear noxy ... and who knows, with a dollop of wine and a gentle breeze behind me ... ssshhh

Anonymous said...

That is a very cool poem and Shell's reading is great.

Noxalio said...


and what wine
do you prefer? maybe
i can suggest one
form over here, in
California ...
what do you think?

(lots to choose from
you know)

Noxalio said...

thanks a lot Paul,
and yes, it certainly is
(Shell's reading of it,
i mean).

also, thank you
for stopping over.

Anonymous said...

omg, thank you for the fanfaring, Noxy! btw i'm very shy so right now this message is being typed awkwardly while i hide under the puter desk ...

i adore red wine but have suddenly switched to white (to enjoy a constant state of wondering what i might do next)

my taste is for fruity and friendly, but never oaked ... yuk! my wallet has to go for what it can afford at the time so slightly above pure anti-freeze usually does it lol

sooo any recommendations would be very much appreciated, dear friend