Monday, April 19, 2010

oh my, lioness

oh my, lioness,
Hemingway's quandary
arrives across H & M--
pressed for clearance
and returns

not embellished
with pride

yet cub yelps
and trails
shy smile.


Wine and Words said...

You shopping for T-shirts? I am thinking of my workout this morning...spinning for an hour...ruddy cheeks embellished only with the glistening sweat of my efforts. Hardly worthy of a clearance rack but heading towards return, on investment.

Anonymous said...

omg, noxy, this is delightful ... and sweet! lol (can i watch you implode?)

i adore big cats .. and wolves ... andandand ...

anyway, the play on pride is gorgeous ... i imagine a young 'un joining the queue (have so been there, though never young) to return the dross i conned myself into buying in the sale ... funny how they never have enough staff to service that part, eh?

Hemingway's quandary - heroic nobility in the face of age?

so to some extent this is about age and youth? a rite of passage?

there's something enigmatically wonderful about how the cub smiles ... though i hope she's not queuing (sp?) up to age ..

geez, this is deep! i'm getting the awesome bell ringing here, dear noxy! kapow!


omg2 - you fixed this word thingy ... i know you did .. it says nocksi!!!

Noxalio said...

nocksi ... Shell, ha ha
now what are the odds
for that???

this is
essentially "oops, ha ha"

i know, i know,

it's an overly-meandering
way of saying something
as simple as that. but ...

(i like big cats too ...
especially lions and leopards)

Noxalio said...

spinning, Wine and Words?
ala devrish? i had a funny
image flash ... ha ha ...

oh, no, not shopping for t-shirts,
was somewhat aimed
at an establishment
across from the store ... but
i'm afraid the message
might have gotten lost
as it mostly tend to.

gerry boyd said...

the retail snows of kilimanjaro

Noxalio said...

Gerry, you slay me ...
i hadn't thought of that
but in a pinch it too
will do ... ha ha ...

Suburban Girl said...


Noxalio said...

thank you kindly Rebecca.