Sunday, April 11, 2010

my dearest, you've got it

my dearest, you've got it
but it's not disease.
you need no pills and for that matter
neither pricks

surprise is not in order
for you've had it from the start;
from first bristles grown on hide

of asses which roam free
in the Serengeti (they did once
and some still struggle now) and of course,
though hoofed not horse

pelt for their alternating form;
surface to pit; dermis
and beyond.

yes, travails of progeny bind, that’s one;
others— etchings: processed chemical;
to gut and especially the heart,
digital or analog is immaterial.


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

I like always your verse!

Noxalio said...

Laura, i'm glad you do
and also to "see you"
over here (as always).

Anonymous said...

oh my, i've read this often and y'know how you get an instant train of thought that's actually two or three simultaneous equations? yes, that ...

i've no idea how to type that or keep up with neurons' flashfire

this spoke to me .. about myself ... erm, i won't say all that stuff but it's summarised in S1

wild things ... either meet their match or long to .. shapeshifters are appealing imo (don't even try to find linearity in my response) but you started it with alternating form ...

and then there are the offspring ... and something to do with skin deep ...

which may mean this is all about radio/tv waves and the switch-over from analogue to digital ...


how we experience anything may be at the core of this ...

please feel free to laugh at my attempts to get inside your code

i love the vivid sound and imagery here

Noxalio said...

Shell, you certainly
caught the gist,
especially as pertains
shapeshifters / shapeshifting,
and then some...

analog, in some sense,
is with notepad
and pen whereas digital,
what we do here, no? and
similar contrasts (or facets
of the same, i suppose).

ha ha ... yes, i know,
i started it (alternating
form and all)

one day, i shall tell you
more about wild things (and
my love of the wild), if
you can stand it, that is ...
geography and place ...

Anonymous said...

yes, i'd like very much to hear about beloved wild things ...