Thursday, April 15, 2010

thank you, Shell

hello all,

my dear friend and super-talented poet, Shell, of forget me now fame, has gratiously voiced / recorded one of my recent, little, poems,

you can find her recording here, please do give it a listen

and also, don't forget to hop over to her blog where you can read and enjoy all of her own wonderful poems.

i promise that you will be delighted to read her works,

as i'm sure she also will be to "meet" you, if you introduce yourselves and leave her your comments.

(thank you so very much, Shell. i look forward to hearing this one's older sibling too - i'm sure you know which).


Wine and Words said...

It was wonderful to hear your work read, although more so if it had been your voice. I read a poem for a friend once...she said, "You read so fast! I could barely keep up." "I said, "I didn't want to bore you." and meant it.

Noxalio said...

it certainly was! ... and
i'm glad you took the time
to give it a whirl.

ha ha ... "i didn't want to bore you." ... :) ... naaahhh ... nerves,
i suppose ...

may i ask if you've
ever recorded any of your own?

Wine and Words said...

No, but I would like to give it a whirl, just don't know how. No microphones around here. I'd read it slower.