Friday, April 9, 2010

excavated at distinct parts, reliefs

excavated at distinct parts, reliefs
reveal forms distinguished by decimal.
digits, splendidly slender, fixtures
encircled— clearly trim, held still.

a dialect woven— wound and strummed
as if on twelve stringed harp. tuned
dad gad, emit modern tone but echo
mostly ancient murmur; uniform thrum.


gerry boyd said...

Very nice Noxie. I like the measured, restrained language you have employed here and the musicality of all the vowel sounds and subtle alliteration, especially in that great last line. So the poem evokes its subject matter. Nailed it! Bravo!

Wine and Words said...

Okay, again I have no idea what's going on here with the decimal digits and all...some new form of art restoration??? But I'll grab a kernel and expound so as to be able to leave a comment...

modern tone echos ancient murmur. My son plays violin and it is exactly this to me. No matter the note or tune, there is vast history in the strings vibration, as if Bach himself were in the resin.

Noxalio said...

hello Gerry,

thank you for kindly
your thoughtful reading
and comments,

and of course
for the compliment.

Noxalio said...

Wine and Words,

oh, the violin
fits nicely
here, but
truth be told,
i had not thought of it,
even though
it's a favorite
instrument, especially
in Bach's
chamber pieces.

a new form of art
restoration? .. ha ha ...
maybe ... maybe not ...
take another crack at it
if you'd like ...
*smiles a coy smile*

Wine and Words said...

Ah, really...I ain't that smart! You and Gerry both "whooosh" pleasantly as you fly overhead.

Anonymous said...

this is lovely. S1 describes her perfectly ... music reaches every soul because it is soulstuff ... and some say music's numbers casred-style ..

some say everything/one is numbers but i get lost after that though i feel they may be right ...

and imagine what this gal might play if she met Hendrix, went electric? lol

what were you listening to when you wrote this, noxy?

Noxalio said...

oh Wine and Words,

don't sell yourself
short (that's an order)!!

ha ha ...

Noxalio said...

Hendrix ... ha ha Shell,

i wish i could tell you
what i was listening to
but truth be told, music
was not what dove me
to write this one

(funny how one thing
leads to another - especially
in poetry writing, no? ...

word of advise:
sometimes, don't
believe what you read
over here ... at least not
the first time around ...
but sometimes, do so
ha ha)

thank you kindly for
your insightful reading
and comments - i truly
appreciate it/them.

Anonymous said...

yes, i'm getting the hang of how you mask ... it's an energy thing (don't ask but i suspect you're alchemical enough to know)(and are eons ahead of me lol)

so i realise things aren't always what they seem here which is why i so enjoy my visits ... *grin

and i sooo made a hash of typing sacred in my last ... omg, the embarrassment! lol

Noxalio said...

ha ha ... but, but ...
i liked casred-style ...
i did, really, i did ...

Anonymous said...

LOL .. you! casred you!