Tuesday, April 20, 2010

dagger-toss is in vogue again

dagger-toss is in vogue again
and neither mirror nor shard are smooth
as chrome, unless reflection tugs

perceptibly strong,
thus, gauze and suture retort
luxurious and rare for them.


Wine and Words said...

Oh hell, again I don't know...but my thoughts as I read..

Dagger-toss indeed. Has it ever left fashion? It is words, comments, thrown without the practice required to near miss and they hit their mark. Dear friends injured by strangers. But...I respond as dressing and salve, my chance to give and there is much in that.

Anonymous said...

ha! i like this though i don't think i'm "getting it" ... must have my Thursday brain in *sigh

as ever i adore the image, the defiant pose which i think may be described in S2 while S1 ... well, living dangerously is back in fashion? i don't read Vogue magazine so i've no idea if this might be a former cover girl ... but then i wonder if this is about politics? aarrgghh! you got me! lol

Noxalio said...

Wine and Words, i sense
it ebbs and flows
(as most things tend to do)
but the other day
it seemed, at high tide,
more intense than usual,
and in its wake
gave birth
to this little nothing.

the good news
is that i have a thick
hide. ha ha ...

thank you
for your thoughtful response.

Noxalio said...

oh Shell,
i hadn't thought
to scour Vogue,

but i suspect
even there i should have found
daggers of some form
tossed at who knows who ...

i suppose i needed to vent then
and this is what came out
(not Wordsworth nor Rumi
nor Browning, etcetera,
as you can see ... a blurt,
at best).

what's best is that it cycles
and now it wanes ... :)

(you know, you're to blame
for this "blade iconography",
don't you? ... ha ha ha)

Anonymous said...

omg, so i am! lolol
sometimes i can be so dumb ... *doh

i liked what Wine and Words said very much and thought *doh (twicely in one day, eh?) ... this Thursday-brain sooo needs to go back to the shop!

your blurt is lovely ... *grin