Saturday, April 17, 2010

as much as she tends

as much as she tends
to vanish in the end,
swallowed by thirst

of sand, parched bone-white
and wind-blown perfectly flat;
stretched, formed and etched

over horizon's yon; land,
not entirely abandoned
although ostensibly expired;

trek the faintest trails left
behind and stumble upon a gash
from which she erupts time

and again; cast, at somewhat
impossible slant, divine
tone and undulating form

bathed by setting amber light.


Wine and Words said...

I did, I tended it to the best of my ability and today it is gone. My tears touch a landscape so dry, they evaporate immediately, as if they had never fallen, and no one knows, that they actually did. Not abandoned, but expired. Yes, exactly thus. I don't know what you're talking about here, but I was in the ink.

Noxalio said...

Wine and Words ...

i like your take on this;
you're on to it.

remember, the astute
always know, for they pay
attention to detail.

Anonymous said...

there's something divinely sensual about this description of water (or is it the land, or both because they're lovers of each other)

there's such reverence of the Feminine Nature here ... which makes this lovely piece, with its gorgeous image, an adoration

"trek the faintest trails" .. i can see you doing this, Noxy

beautiful writing that's pure charisma and profound meditation

*deep happy sigh

Noxalio said...

oh, Shell,

there's something stupid
going on with Blogger (not
a big surprise, as you might
already know), seems it eats
comments placed by wordpress
users or something else
as sinister as that.

thank you for your wonderful
words and *sigh re: this,
it is a bit slippery
and truth be told it started
off as one thing and ended
slightly different
but the initial impulse
is still present. yes,
reverence is an apt word.