Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the scene

the scene
in eastern highlands
is as follows:

elevated plateaus hold up grand mountains.

they are sliced along their entire length
as if from sternum
to pubic bone;

a depression is formed
much like a sunken corridor; within it pools
have become lakes,

which are occasionally covered
with teaming plumage,

pure white,
bright reds, pink and salmon;
sometimes they shimmer silver or golden;

interconnected by veins
whose flows are meager but rage
during torrential rains

as they arrive
from western shores of the Indian subcontinent;
there, weather is created by the Himalayan range;

monsoons strike fierce blows
as they arrive and make landfall,
yet life there is dependent on them.

it has been
for as long as memory is able to be unwound
in records left behind here and there,

scattered about for us to gather—
to ponder and to attempt
to understand.

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