Monday, March 22, 2010

oh no, love, you have it wrong

oh no, love, you have it wrong,
i'm no Keyser Söze,
neither am i a contortionist
with Cirque du Soleil,

far from it, my life is plain
as a pikestaff—
no butler, no driver,
not even henchman,

and further, the only staff i have
is a part time gardener.
my main role is of Father;
while the other, some sort of Mother.


isabelle said...

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!
I am happy to discover your space and your words.

Shadow said...

mmmm, so are the perceptions of others...

Noxalio said...

hi Elisabelle!

i'm happy to "see"
you here. i love
where you point
the camera, you have
and an astute eye and
great sensibility.

i'm glad to have made
this connection.

"see" you soon,


Noxalio said...


perceptions ... ah, yes,
it's mostly about them,