Monday, March 1, 2010

history simply is, even before it gets told

history simply is, even before it gets told,
way before it is written on paper or chiseled in stone;
twirled into lore. we know this,
so do midgets with well groomed lips—

(uniforms starched and pressed flat
before they are worn; in crowded spaces or
on occasions designed to impress; costumes are designed
with a particular purpose. that is
the meaning of design, after all);

yet as Horace says: "A comic subject is not susceptible
of treatment in a tragic style,
and similarly the banquet of Thyestes
cannot be fitly described
in the strains of everyday life ..."

an unfortunate fact
is that one cannot readily tell for certain
what was, as opposed to what is
merely contrived;
the nature of interpretation; re-telling;
one uses intuition and gut instinct

for patterns—
they are present, they emerge
when plotted over space and time—

made apparent,
because they are there.

perturbations are dots attached by dashes—
etched and crisscrossed. (a child's regard for a pal is outstanding;
irrespective of creed or social standing—
admirable); one would think

adults would take note;
conversely illegitimacy is a despicable metaphor—
crude, rude and what's more, a notion better to abhor

by the respectable;
historians and students of social science
etcetera, etcetera.


Rachel said...

..starke Gedanken, ich habs gern gelesen...

herzlich, Rachel

Noxalio said...

hello Rachel,

thank you for taking the time
to read and to comment.