Saturday, March 20, 2010

and if you were to, now

and if you were to, now,

what should i do but belly-crawl
into a damp, dark trench
and long

to become but hard slag
or black coal,

should i simply pretend to ignite,
faux-hiss and fuss— sputter or spout?

and yet, all that i likely might
is grow ever so somber and quiet,
slate-gray and ice-cold—
that's all.

oh dearest, i beg you, please,
kindly, do not.

as for me,
never would i forget you— not now,
above all that i have come to grasp
this propinquity of ours,



William Michaelian said...

What great pacing and sound....

Noxalio said...

thank you kindly,

Anonymous said...

William's right .. great pacing, awesome actually ...

such melancholy here ... the fake ignition is heartbreaking ... depending on how one reads the poem of course ... but there's the inexorable hint of going gently into that goodnight without a fight kind of thing ... so very sad .. like a waning time/era/city ... like souls who never quite ...

erm .. i did have to look up propinquity lol .. prefer proximity! and wonder if the last line dilutes the innuendo of finally ...

where is the pic taken? am wondering given the spout and sputter ... feel they might be clues ...

Noxalio said...

oh Shell,

as always, you are
right on the ball
(but acording
to my judgment, it's
to be expected,

i'm sure of that)

i do like
the suggestions.
so bush so,
i incorporated one ...
at long last

is gone
... see?

i'm a bit attached
to "propinquity",

if only for its
obscurity ...

did make you
look it up ... ha ha ...
tha was the idea!!

as to the photo,

that's a challenge

especially for you,

you crack it
and i promise

a surprise
present ...


(an unlimited
number of guesses


Anonymous said...

ok, propinquity can stay ... LOL .. i'm glad we agreed about the former last line but please, don't ever change anything unless it truly suits you (i suspect that is the case already)

and, of course, i had already sussed the pic, alongside that other clue, the one i didn't mention ... sneaky? moi? lol

soooo, noxy, i do indeed know about the pic and now i know that you know too!

your art is a beautiful gift, friend .. *smiling here

Noxalio said...

yes Shell,
sneaky... toi,
ha ha ...

is all

*more smiles*