Thursday, February 11, 2010

time does not heal that which was not a wound

time does not heal that which was not a wound;
for that would have been a break in skin
or the shattering of bone;

scar formed after the clot scabbed and dropped
and pain felt the very moment it happened;
recalled later-on;

accompanied by tear, i suppose,
or a face deformed by grimace
as it would have, had it been fear;

and the sound of an inhaled breath
suddenly drawn; held several moments long
then hurriedly released; exhaled--

an elongated hiss or a gasp as in a surprise
producing a deep tone as if relieved,
although not at all.

this one lingers; bleak; seemingly unconstrained;
passage of time rendered immaterial and weak;
resonant yet monotone;

immeasurably timeless; a dull hum,
a distant moan,
a drone.

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