Thursday, February 18, 2010

thread six inches of tippet

thread six inches of tippet
through the eye.
hold it in one hand;

with the other
wrap the loose-end of the line
five times.

with two fingers
of the hand holding it
open a loop
while you wrap the tippet
around itself.

thread the tag-end of the tippet
through the loop
you just formed.

hold it securely
with one hand;
with the other, pull
on the standing-end of the tippet--

tighten the knot
you made;
for a secure knot,

don't hold onto
nor pull
the tag-end of the tippet
while you cinch it.

when you clip
the end of the knot,
leave about an eighth of an inch
so it won't slip.

trim it close,
but allow a little room
in case it moves
when you tighten it.

have fun.

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