Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Εὕρηκα! it's all figured out

Εὕρηκα! it's all figured out;
beh-- you know, it's not all that hard;
all you have to do is ask 'why'.

oh, darlin', what's wrong with you now?
don't be frightened,
it's all done-- relax your brow;

after all,
it wasn't that hard,
two plus two makes four no matter what.

the puzzle was not mathematical
as you once thought;
oh yes, economics were definitely involved.

i should think not;

it always does.

just to be sure, glance at your wallet once more;
count your greenbacks
then call the hot-line pinned to the door--

the largest of four.

i'll do the same,
then we'll talk to the boys at the yard;
charge them with treason'n fraud

and what not.

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