Thursday, February 18, 2010

we know it was set

we know it was set
years ago
when seclusion was in order
and getaway a go;

a bent neck,
plumage gleaming,
reflecting kaleidoscopic light;
yet slightly ruffled
from an arduous flight south;

getting away from it all;
over night;
a dot encased in cyan

then easy prey—
scooped in one swift swoop.

all game are unaware when played;
once acquired they are placed,
smack-dab at the center of a sight;

a device
exquisitely designed for long-ranged strike;
in complete silence
except for the song of a wafting draft

unsuspecting souls are shot
clean through the heart.
a sniper
is acutely aware of these simple facts;

a target
once marked is a sitting duck,
her only allies
are elements:

reflected light,
and simple dumb luck.

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