Thursday, February 11, 2010

by the power vested in me

by the power vested in me by the great state
of Catalina, i pronounce you pepperoni pizza.

may your anchovies always be salty and your olives, greener;
stuffed with plastic pimentos and honeyed-garlic bread;

fit to be dunked in a slim martini; shaken or stirred;
or served a la mode; well done or bloody rare;

may your progeny be as sweet as Franconia ice wine bottled in Austria
by an Algerian diplomat born and grazed on the Argentine pampas;

may you live long and prospect all the white gold you can muster
while you pledge allegiance to flagpoles; the ones at the UN,

in uptown Manhattan. while there, visit the SNL crew
and ask them for their autobiographies,

get their agents’ cell blocks and also their visas
fit for shopping on leap days at Macys or Amazonia (dot communista).

smile; say cheesecake and thank you for stopping by

at our kiosk today at this first Inter-galactic Freudian Convention
hosted on Polaris’s camera-obscura lense.

good luck, bon courage; off to Las Vegas; strip now and go
way, way beyond; remember, what happens there stays here.

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