Tuesday, February 2, 2010

7 of N of X

how light rapidly fades
once the sun's crossed the line; passage of time
accelerates when it tussles with shade;

rubicunds facing blues,
allied with slates and steels

engage in a varicolored duel;

without fail,
when warmth seems the victor
abruptly it retreats--

begins to fade;
swift moving forces gallop overhead;

stretch vast gray veils
enshrouding the sky;

for an instant
sun's afterglow resists,
then it's snuffed and it dies--

all's dark;

stars do not twinkle
at that time;


gerry boyd said...

Very interesting language. I think the constant tone of this is really well done. Bravo!

Noxalio said...

thank you for the complement Gerry, i'm honored that you think so.

you should know that i admire your work immensely, even though i only glanced at it for the first time last night (i shall visit again for more thurough reading).

also, thank you for making this connection and please stay in touch.